In a new book, Michael Cohen vows to reveal Trump's secret "scandals"

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Michael Cohen, former personal attorney for US President Donald Trump , has promised that his book, Traitor, Memoirs, will reveal how Trump manipulated the 2016 election with Russian help.

In his preface to the book, which appeared on the Internet on Thursday, Cohen wrote, “Trump manipulated the elections with Russian complicity, as you will discover in these pages because to do anything, and I mean anything, for the sake of (gain) he always has a business model and a lifestyle.”

The 3,700-word introduction did not reveal anything new about Russia's interference in the 2016 presidential elections, and it was unclear whether the book would reveal anything in this regard.

Last year, former special investigator Robert Mueller concluded that Russia carried out a major campaign to help Trump win in 2016.

Mueller did not find evidence of a criminal conspiracy linking the Trump campaign with Russia, but he provided details of extensive contacts between the campaign and Russian elements.

Cohen worked closely with Trump for years before he turned on him, and that was made public in his testimony to Congress last year that preceded Trump's impeachment.

Cohen metaphorically said he knew where Trump's buried “scandals” were because he was the one who buried them.

White House spokesman Brian Morgenstern only questioned Cohen's credibility.

“He slips into a lie always easily and then expects people to believe him now, so he can make money from book sales,” Morgenstern said. It is unfortunate that the media is using this sad, miserable man to attack President Trump. ”

Trump had described Cohen as a “rat” and a “liar,” and Cohen said he had faced repeated death threats from Trump supporters.

Cohen, 53, is serving a three-year prison sentence for tax evasion, making false statements and committing offenses related to campaign financing, and the most recent indictment was related to paying sums of money to silence women who claim Trump had relationships with them before the 2016 presidential election.

Cohen moved from prison to house arrest in May. Fearing he would contract the COVID-19 infection, he was briefly imprisoned last month.

A federal judge ruled last month that Cohen had been the object of revenge for his intention to publish the book, and ordered his release again.