Corona deaths in United States have crossed the 150,000 mark

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The United States of America has crossed the 150,000 mark of deaths from the emerging Corona virus, according to a census by Johns Hopkins University .

According to Russia Today, the number of deaths in the United States reached 15,534, while Brazil recorded 88,539 deaths, the United Kingdom 45,878, Mexico 44,876, and Italy 35,123 deaths. On Tuesday, the United States counted 1592 additional deaths as a result of "Covid-19" within 24 hours, in a heavy toll that Registered two and a half months ago.


After an improvement appeared by the end of the spring, the epidemic has re-spread since the end of June, especially in the south and west of the country. Florida is the most worrisome region, with Wednesday recorded 216 additional deaths from the virus, in a record toll in the tourist state that suffers from slow examination and shortages. Track my contacts with the injured.