New York prosecutor investigates Trump's accusation of fraud in the battle of tax records

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Prosecutor said Monday that he is investigating US President Donald Trump and his company regarding possible insurance and banking fraud - a much broader investigation than was previously known in an attempt to obtain Trump's financial records.

Prosecutor Cyrus Vance's disclosure came in a judicial file, in which he stressed the necessity of forcing the accounting firm that Trump deals with to comply with a subpoena regarding his tax returns.
The subpoena is part of a broad jury investigation that was believed to date to focus on potential financial payments to buy the silence of two women they say have established affair with former real estate tycoon Trump.
The file was submitted in response to an attempt by Trump's lawyersLast week to block the summons, describing it as "greatly exaggerated" and "issued in bad faith."
Vance said that Trump's attorneys were relying on a false assumption that the investigation was limited to payments of money to buy the silence of the two women, without specifying the core of the investigation.
The prosecutor added in the case file that "indisputable" news reports about "possible widespread, prolonged criminal behavior in Trump" made it clear that there was a legal basis for issuing the summons.