Corona Report : New York deaths due to Corona matches the death rate from the influenza epidemic in 1918

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Researchers in the United States revealed that the number of deaths associated with the emerging "Corona" virus (Covid-19) in New York City during the first months of the pandemic is comparable to the deaths that fell at the height of the 1918 influenza pandemic in the same city.

And the comparison, which was published by the American "Washington Post" newspaper on its website today, Friday, found that the number of deaths was approximately equal during the first two months of the peak of the influenza epidemic with the first 61 days of the coronavirus outbreak.

The H1N1 influenza pandemic killed 50 million people a century ago, of whom about 675,000 were in the United States alone, while the current pandemic killed at least 748,000 people worldwide, including about 163,000 in the United States, according to To count kept by the "Washington Post".

The newspaper pointed out that there were 31,589 deaths caused by various causes in New York during the peak period of the influenza epidemic, which is approximately 33,465 deaths that were recorded in 61 days after the first death linked to "Covid-19" was recorded on March 11 of this year, According to the analysis.