The US president threatens to take action against tech giants

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On Wednesday, US President Donald Trump threatened to take executive action if House members did not pass legislation on technology companies.

Trump's threat came this evening, Wednesday, before the hearing that started in the US Congress, with the heads of four of the world's largest technology companies .



"If Congress does not achieve equity in terms of tech giants, which they should have done years ago, I will do it myself with executive orders," Trump said in a tweet on Twitter.

"In Washington, the whole thing was limited to talking, and no action was taken for years, and the people of our country are tired of this situation!"

Representatives of major technology companies such as "Facebook", "Apple", "Amazon", "Google" and others, after US lawmakers expressed doubts about the practices of "Facebook" and the method of data collection, considering that it may have damaged the competitors of "Facebook" "The little ones.