The Pentagon: repatriation of 6,400 US soldiers from Germany and the transfer of 5,600 to European countries

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The Pentagon revealed on Wednesday a plan to withdraw about 12,000 American soldiers from Germany after US President Donald Trump has repeatedly described it as "deficient" in military spending.

Pentagon officials, in statements reported by the American "Politico" magazine on its website, said that the plan, which includes the return of 6,400 American soldiers to the United States and the transfer of 5,600 others to other countries in Europe, is part of the Pentagon's extensive efforts to redeploy American forces around the world To better compete with new threats from Russia and China.

After the plan is implemented, officials said, 24,000 US soldiers will remain on German soil, in which the United States has deployed large numbers of its forces since the end of the Cold War.

Trump told reporters today that "American soldiers are there to protect Germany and Europe and Germany is supposed to pay for that, but Germany does not pay ... so we will reduce our forces because they do not pay their bills ... It is very simple that they are falling short."