Congress faces Zuckerberg: You caused newspapers to close and hundreds of journalists were hurt .. Zuckerberg replies: We apologize for the mistake

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Representative Jerry Nadler confronted the heads of Facebook and Google with the problems they caused to the media industry in the United States.

"Facebook and Google have threatened newspapers massively in the United States ... journalists have been fired, and the closure of local newspapers" is a very dangerous situation, "he said at a congressional hearing of tech giants to see their role in monopolizing and stifling competition for smaller firms.

And Mark Zuckerberg asked about the charges against Facebook of the success of the videos posted on his social network, which prompted many media companies to strengthen their video teams, and that cost hundreds of journalists losing their jobs.

"Do you realize the harm that this has caused to journalists across the country?" Nadler asked him.

Zuckerberg said he does not know how true these numbers are and that they may be overrated, then said, "We are sorry for that."