Oregon Governor: The federal forces will withdraw from Portland in stages

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Oregon Governor Kate Brown said on Wednesday that federal forces that clashed with protesters in Portland would implement a "phased withdrawal" of the city in the west of the country.

"These federal officers have acted as an occupying power," Brown said, "rejecting accountability and bringing violence and conflict to our society."

Brown said she had negotiated with Vice President Mike Pence and "the federal government has agreed to my request and will withdraw these officers from Portland."

Chad Wolf, Acting Secretary of Homeland Security, said there was "a joint plan to end violent activity in Portland". This includes strengthening the presence of local and state police.


Wolf indicated that the federal forces would not leave until the "assurance" was made that federal property was protected.

It is noteworthy that a large part of the federal forces that were deployed was to protect a federal court.

Democrats have strongly criticized the spread of federal forces in Portland, accusing them of making the already volatile situation worse and using the federal monarchy as an excuse to carry out a crackdown.

Protests erupted in Portland following a video clip showing George Floyd's death by a policeman in Minnesota.

As the demonstrations subsided across the country, Portland continued to organize night rallies. But it has shifted more than a claim to ethnic justice to a host of other issues, including calls for the removal of federal forces.