Italian study: Some Corona survivors suffer from mental disorders

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A study conducted by the San Rafael Hospital in Milan, Italy, today, Monday, that survivors of the "Covid-19" disease caused by the emerging Corona virus suffer from an increase in the rates of mental disorders, including PTSD, anxiety, insomnia and depression.

The survey showed that more than half of the 402 patients who were monitored after treatment were exposed to at least one of these disorders commensurate with the severity of the inflammation that occurred during the disease, according to Reuters.

The patients, 265 men and 137 women, were followed up over a month after hospitalization.

"It quickly became apparent that inflammation caused by the disease could have psychological consequences," Professor Francesco Benedetti, head of the group at the Psychiatric and Mental Diseases Research Unit in San Rafael, said in a statement.

The report was published on Monday in the scientific journal Brain, Behavior and Immunology.

Based on interviews and self-assessment questionnaires, physicians identified PTSD in 28 percent of cases, depression in 31 percent, anxiety in 42 percent of patients, insomnia in 40 percent, and finally symptoms of obsessive-compulsive disorder in 20 percent of them.