A Turkish professor condemns the passage of a law restricting freedoms on communication sites in Turkey

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Arkan Saka, Professor and Professor in Journalism and Media Studies at Bilgi University of Informatics, emphasized that ordinary Turkish users are the most affected by the new law approved by the Turkish Parliament.

This restricts freedoms on social networking sites because government measures will soon prevent them from enjoying their daily activities on communication platforms, but those who are digitally empowered They will continue to circumvent censorship as they always do.

According to Al-Arabiya, the professor of journalism and media studies at Bilgi University of Informatics explained that besides the Turkish government's desire to restrict the activities of users of social platforms, it also targets the main social networks and intends to obtain from them the largest possible amount of money from technology giants.

The new legislation requires major social media companies, such as Facebook and Twitter, to maintain representative offices in Turkey to deal with complaints about content on their platforms.

The Turkish parliament passed new legislation, which would impose more control on users of social networking sites, especially those opposed to them, despite fierce opposition from two major parties in the country.