Close cafes to control the Corona outbreak in British Oldham

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The streets of the British city of Oldham witnessed today, Wednesday, that the authorities in the city draw signs of social separation in the streets, during the city's closure to control and limit the spread of the new Corona virus "Covid-19". The roads. 

Citizens' commitment to wearing a muzzle
And the authorities in the city imposed a number of closure rules on various shops, where cafés and malls were closed. 
Commitment to wear a muzzle in the streets of Britain
On Monday, the United Kingdom recorded the lowest daily death rates from Corona virus since March 12.
A man and a woman in front of a closed cafe
The Ministry of Health and Social Welfare revealed today that 45,759 people have died in hospitals and care centers after they were declared infected with the Coronavirus.
A man wearing a muzzle walking in the streets
The ministry revealed that 7 people from the previous day, which represents the lowest daily increase since March 12, according to the newspaper "Evening Standard" British.
Drawing spacing marks on the floor
The UK government also signed a fourth vaccine deal against the coronavirus to ensure up to 60 million doses of experimental treatment are being developed by drug giants GSK and Sanofi, and the government has already signed 100 million doses of the Oxford University vaccine that is developed by AstraZeneca has also received another 90 million doses from two other vaccines, yet it is still not certain that the vaccines may work.
Name the signs of social distance in the streets
Governments around the world pledged billions of dollars for the Covid-19 vaccine and a number of pharmaceutical companies in a race to develop and test potential drugs, based on the technology Sanofi uses as well as the epidemic technology developed by GSK.
A lady wearing a muzzle
Sanofi, which is leading the clinical development of vaccines, said regulatory approval could be achieved by the first half of 2021 if the experiments succeeded, and meanwhile, Sanofi and GSK are expanding manufacturing to produce up to one billion doses annually.
A woman wears a muzzle in Oldham's streets

Signs of social spacing in Oldham streets