"Because of a corruption scandal" ... the former Spanish king resorted to fleeing the country

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The former Spanish King Juan Carlos has announced that he will leave the country and deport abroad, according to an open letter issued by the Royal Palace on Monday, in light of his involvement in a corruption scandal.

Said Juan Carlos It takes this decision in order to facilitate the matter to his son, King Philippi in the performance of his duties.

It is noteworthy that Juan Carlos Hut's popularity has rocketed in recent months after he became involved in a scandal involving illegal payments by a consortium of Spanish companies for the construction of an express train line in Saudi Arabia.

On June 8, the country's highest court ruled that investigations may begin with the Spanish monarch.

Aside from tarnishing the legacy of Juan Carlos, the scandal may also harm Philippe's popularity.

The letter, written by Juan Carlos, 82, stated that the decision was taken "in light of the general consequences caused by certain previous events."

"It is a decision he made with profound influence, but also with great calmness," he added.

However, the country he intends to leave has not been revealed.

The Juan Carlos enjoys immunity from prosecution for four decades where he took power in Spain November 1975 to June 2014. Although the alleged bribes paid to him in 2008, it is being investigated with Juan Carlos in charge of money laundering possible in the period after 2014 is a charge related to the scandal.

And the express train line between Mecca and Medina, which was built by several Spanish companies, was opened in 2018.

The Spanish newspaper "El Mundo", a newspaper usually familiar with the affairs of the royal family, stated that the decision was taken primarily by Philippi. The newspaper said that the royal court effectively forced Juan Carlos to leave Spain.

It is noteworthy that Juan Carlos , who was previously praised for his role in the transition to democracy in Spain at the end of the fascist rule, abdicated the throne after a controversy over a trip to catch elephants in the midst of the financial crisis.