Germany: The US plan to withdraw 12,000 soldiers from the country is not final and may be subject to amendment

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Germany said on Wednesday evening, it took into account the American plans to withdraw about 12 thousand American soldiers from the country and reduce their number to about 25 thousand, according to "Russia Today".

On Wednesday, the German government published a joint statement by the foreign and defense ministries, the Bundestag (parliament) and heads of government of the German federal states, stating that "according to information provided by the US government, it plans to reduce its military strength, always deployed in Germany, to a maximum of 25,000 soldiers."

The statement continued, that the federal government took this decision into consideration and will coordinate its work closely with the affected federal states, the US government, and NATO with a view to implementing the decision later.


The statement pointed out that the American plans are not final and may be subject to amendment, and that some procedures for the withdrawal of American forces may take place within a short period, but most of them require a long period to implement them.

The US Defense Secretary, Mark Esber, announced earlier today, the United States plans to withdraw about 12 thousand soldiers from Germany to redeploy part of it in other NATO countries and return the other part to the United States. He expected the withdrawal process to start in the coming weeks.

For its part, the US Defense Department revealed, "The Pentagon," on Wednesday, about a plan to withdraw about 12 thousand American soldiers from Germany after US President Donald Trump repeatedly described it as "negligent" in military spending.

Pentagon officials, in statements reported by the American "Politico" magazine, on its website, said that the plan, which includes the return of 6,400 American soldiers to the United States and the transfer of 5,600 others to other countries in Europe, is part of the Pentagon's extensive efforts to redistribute American forces around The world to better compete with new threats from Russia and China.

After the plan was implemented, officials said, 24,000 US soldiers will remain on German soil, in which the United States has deployed large numbers of its forces since the end of the Cold War.