Warnings for Ethiopia to fill the Renaissance Dam individually

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The Sudanese Minister of Irrigation, Yasser Abbas, warned that filling and operating the Renaissance Dam before reaching an agreement between the three countries re-raises fears in the event of such a move in the future, specifically regarding the environmental and social impacts of the project on farmers on the banks of the Blue Nile.

The Sudanese minister demanded that the current round of negotiations be a decisive round by setting a specific agenda for the two-week period, with a greater role for observers in bringing the views and focus on the outstanding issues.

In addition to that commitment to not present any new issues to the negotiations, with a view to reaching a binding agreement on the filling and operation of the Renaissance Dam, including an agreement on future projects on the Blue Nile.

This came during a speech by the Sudanese Minister before the negotiations on filling and operating the Renaissance Dam, which is being sponsored by the African Union and the Presidency of South Africa and with the participation of irrigation ministers from Ethiopia and Egypt.

In his address to the meeting, Abbas said that the Sudanese delegation had held wide consultations since the end of the last round of negotiations, especially after the negative repercussions to start filling the dam without prior consultation.

The Sudanese delegation reaffirmed its position that it is necessary to sign an agreement between the three countries, which would ensure the safety of the Al-Rasais Dam and the smooth exchange of information in this field and in line with the requirements of international law.

Sudan also welcomed the positive report presented by the experts, considering that the solutions proposals presented by the report could form the basis for a satisfactory agreement between the three parties.