Lebanon: Diab, before the resignation of the foreign minister, is considering appointing a new minister

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The Presidency of the Lebanese Government announced that Prime Minister Hassan Diab immediately accepted the resignation submitted by Foreign Minister Nassif Hatti, noting that Diab is in contact and studying options to appoint a new foreign minister.

And the Lebanese government presidency - in a statement today - stated that Diab had met in the morning with Minister Nassif until, who had submitted his resignation from the government.


On the other hand, the President of the Republic, Michel Aoun, received Prime Minister Hassan Diab, following the resignation of the Foreign Minister.

The Presidency of the Republic of Lebanon said - in a statement at noon - that Aoun and Diab consulted in the resignation of the Minister of Foreign Affairs and the next steps in addressing the issue of resignation.

Dr. Nassif even the Lebanese Minister of Foreign Affairs had submitted his resignation from his position earlier in the day, referring to his decision due to the inability to perform his duties due to the absence of a vision for Lebanon and the absence of an effective will to achieve the comprehensive structural reform demanded by the Lebanese interior as well as the international community, warning that Lebanon is slipping into a transformation To a "failed state" in light of the delay in protecting the country and maintaining its social security.