Ethiopia calls on diplomats to intensify their efforts to clarify its policy on the Renaissance Dam

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The Ethiopian News Agency announced that the Foreign Minister, Guido Andargachio, has called on Ethiopian diplomats abroad to intensify their efforts to clarify the country's policy on the Renaissance Dam.

The Ethiopian Foreign Minister said in statements carried by the official agency that the future development of the country will depend greatly on its water resources and active diplomacy on the fair use of the waters of the Nile River.
He added that the Renaissance Dam is the pilot project in Ethiopia which has reached its stage through diplomacy and active public participation throughout the country.
The agency noted that the Ethiopian minister stressed that "the diplomatic effort is still low in effectively changing the status quo in the Nile Basin."
He explained that the Ethiopian diplomats should "be in the forefront to strengthen the country's resolute negotiating power in order to preserve the principle of fair and reasonable use among the riparian states."
The Ethiopian Minister indicated that the country is revitalizing a new diplomatic approach by engaging various stakeholders, including other riparian states of the Nile Basin countries.