Libya accuses Turkey of trying to steal the effects of Sabratha with the help of terrorist militias

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A Libyan security source inside Sabratha said today, Wednesday, that a group of Turkish officers and archaeologists have carried out exploration and drilling of a number of trenches in the archeology area of ​​Sabratha.

The website, "Libya 24", quoted the Libyan security source, as saying that the Turks brought with them sophisticated devices, which drew attention to them, especially with their securing by terrorist militias known for collecting ancient cash and historical statues and transporting them to Turkey through Misurata Airport.

The Libyan source indicated that the Turks want to collect and steal the antiquities of Libya through a Turkish company that hides behind the military uniform and under heavy guard inside Sabratha .. Warning against looting Turkey and its companies to the history of Libya and transfer it to the Turkish state as the Ottomans stole the heritage of the entire Arab community and sent it to Istanbul