Hariri: What is happening in Lebanon is an economic collapse, not a conspiracy

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The former Lebanese Prime Minister, leader of the "Future Current", Saad Hariri. What Lebanon is currently experiencing is economic collapse and mismanagement, not a conspiracy, as some claim.

Al-Hariri said in press statements this evening, Wednesday, that the international conferences held since 2000 were designed to spare Lebanon the occurrence of this collapse, stressing that if the necessary reforms are made, the current collapse can be addressed.

He added: "The collapse based on plots should not be dealt with either by Hezbollah or the Free Patriotic Movement, which considers that there is a major conspiracy against it. The economic collapse cannot be dealt with with the conspiracy mentality."


He continued, "When we went to France for the Cedar Conference held in April 2018 and at which aid was decided in favor of Lebanon, Hezbollah did not exist, but we nevertheless did not achieve reforms. We must stop politicizing matters and complicating them by linking them to the American elections. We are Lebanese and we can carry out reforms without any international parties. The Lebanese are tired and we must stop pretending not to carry out the reforms. What are we waiting for? ”

Al-Hariri expressed his regret over the statements of Prime Minister Hassan Diab about the visit of French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian to Beirut, asking: Where does he take us with this diplomacy towards our historical friends who have stood with us in all the crises that have passed in Lebanon?

He pointed out that Lauderian came to Lebanon with a clear and specific message that helped yourselves to help you, so the existing government was nothing but considered that the French foreign minister came empty and unaware of the Lebanese file. ". According to him.

He stressed that the government must act, and stop saying that there are those who are delaying it. He added: “They have a majority in the House of Representatives and they have the Council of Ministers, so what did they accomplish? Did they reform one? Ministries. Whoever wants to fight corruption must do so. "

Al-Hariri touched on the unrest that occurred two days ago on the Lebanese-Israeli border, stressing that the current situation in Lebanon requires calm, pointing at the same time that there are those who are manipulating the country's stability, in addition to the current collapse, there are those who want to make a new problem.