Healthy Hair: 7 habits that will keep your hair healthy and strong

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Healthy Hair: How do I keep my hair healthy? A very common question that many ask, let us know you about the seven most important habits that may affect the health and growth of your hair.

Who among us does not dream of beautiful and attractive healthy hair! It is known that healthy nutrition plays the primary and most important role in obtaining this hair, but on its own it will not be enough to maintain and protect your hair.

Let us introduce you to the most important daily habits to preserve and protect your hair:

1- Doing sports

According to an article on "Skin and Hair Health" on, regular physical activity is as important to maintaining the health of your skin as your hair. Sport contributes to promoting and stimulating blood circulation.

You can do the sport you love at any time that suits you. If you do not have enough time, 10 minutes of walking may be beneficial. Ensure that your physical activity is combined with healthy, balanced nutrition to achieve optimum weight and healthy hair, according to what was mentioned in the Nutrition article published on

2- Drink enough water

Certainly, water is the basis of life, and not getting enough water to suit your daily needs may have harmful effects on your health, such as dehydration.

Of course, hair needs water to grow and maintain itself. According to the MayoClinic website, a woman must drink at least 9 cups of fluids daily. Of course, it is advised to drink more water after exercising or in hot weather during pregnancy or the period of breastfeeding.

3- Avoid drinking alcohol

If you have problems with your hair, especially hair loss problems, it is advised to avoid drinking alcohol for more than one serving of alcohol per day, according to You should also avoid consuming alcohol if you are breastfeeding, pregnant or of childbearing age.

4- Get enough sleep

Getting enough hours of sleep is very important for hair growth and maintenance, as this enhances the process of enhancing blood access to hair follicles and providing them with important vitamins and minerals. In the event that you do not get enough hours of sleep, according to the WebMD, the level of blood that reaches the roots will decrease, which means that the amount of nutrient supply to the hair extensions will decrease, which weakens the hair and affects its growth.

5- Avoid stress and stress

You may notice excess hair loss if you are sick and this may be due to pressure and stress.

According to J Cosmetics Dermatol magazine published in 2013 under the title "Comprehensive Overview and Treatment Update on Hair Loss", the occurrence of a mental problem such as depression and psychological stress may be the cause of hair loss and deterioration of his health.

6- Avoid smoking

Who among us does not realize the fact that smoking is a threat to health in general, and certainly hair health is an integral part of that, according to what stated by, according to a study published by the Indian Dermatol magazine under the title "? Smokers' hair: Does smoking cause premature hair" graying "in 2013.

According to the 2016 Hair Ther Transplant magazine, entitled "Benefit from Vitamin Therapy in Smoker's Hair", even people who are exposed to secondhand smoke may be at risk of hair loss. Because even if you are not a smoker, the presence of a smoker near you may be the cause of your hair loss.

7- Keep your nourishment

As we mentioned at the beginning, all the previous points, if not accompanied by the correct and balanced diet rich in a group of vitamins B, iron, zinc and omega-3 in particular, will not have your hair healthy.  

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