Treat white and gray hair and turn it into an attraction!

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Is white hair a sign of aging? not always. Some people have white hair from the age of 20. What are the causes of the emergence of white hair, how can white hair be treated or conversely, how can it be transformed into a scream of fashion?

It is likely that at some point in your life your hair will begin to turn gray. Now you may already find white hair in hidden corners of your head. Why do some people have white hair since 20 years of age, while others have gray only when they reach the age of 50? If gray hair appears in your hair at an early age, is there anything that can be done to treat white hair? All this and more - in this article.

 How does that happen?

The color of the hair begins to turn white when the color-producing cells stop pigmentation. Also, sometimes hydrogen peroxide naturally forms in the hair and leads to oxidation of the hair. White hair usually appears for the first time in the mid-30s, so initially, there are only a few white ones. At the age of 50, 50% of people have a really large amount of gray hair.

Contrary to popular belief, no scientific evidence has been found to suggest that stress can lead to white hair growth. Experts are not sure why some people have white hair relatively early in life, but what is known is that genetics play a major role in this.

There are immune and genetic syndromes associated with premature graying. These include Werner syndrome, Vitiligo, alopecia areata - and the latter causes hairs of color to fall out only, so hair appears to turn overnight into white. Also, a B12 deficiency or thyroid problems can lead to premature white hair - but often this phenomenon is reversed if white hair is treated.

Hiding white hair: how do you do it?

There are many ways to hide gray hair or white hair. what is it?

Hair coloring with semi-permanent dye (washing): this color stays on the hair for several weeks, and is a good choice for people who have started to see signs of white hair.

Shades: dyeing some ends of the hair a more light color blurs the appearance of white hair and hides it.

Permanent Hair Dye: When 40-45% of your hair turns gray/white, it is possible to dye with a fixed color. There are people who leave a little gray hair around their faces to create a respectable impression.

Hair treatment preparations: If you do not want to dye your hair but still want to hide gray hair in one way or another, then temporary dye preparations (some of which are in the form of a spray) can be removed after washing.

White hair and hairdressing: the appearance of white hair is the winner

Today, more and more young women, businessmen, and even supermodels choose to leave gray or white hair and not hide it. According to hairdressers and fashion industry experts, the myth that gray hair makes people look older is their sheep and nothing more. If you feel that you are still young, healthy, energetic, and energetic before the appearance of white hair, then there is no reason to stop feeling that even if your gray hair begins to appear.

Here are some tips that will help you accept and not treat white hair and even transform it into a scream of fashion:

If you are used to dyeing your hair, consider stopping it and instead do a short and elegant haircut.

They adopted a modern and modern haircut, such as a curry with protruding ends, a smooth or curly ponytail.

Take care of your hair. There are types of shampoo that have a blue color that prevents graying from developing a yellowish color. Use a hair mask once a month to keep the hair hydrated. Use a hair straightener to make your hair look smooth and shiny. Gray hair sometimes tends to frizzy, and using a hair straightener helps it regain vitality.

Accept that there is no need to treat white hair, and then accept white hair itself with love. It does not make you look less beautiful! Remember that the beauty that appears from you stems mostly from the way you see yourselves and not from hair color.

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