Alopecia: How my son got rid of Alopecia in 6 months. True Story


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How my son got rid of alopecia areata in 6 months, a true story
Alopecia a disease that is difficult to get rid of easily. In fact, although it does not represent a threat to the health of the internal organs of the body, it represents a great psychological pressure on the patient and his entire family.

Therefore, after my son went through this very difficult experience at an early age (9 years), and after suffering during a long journey with many types of treatment. I wanted to share with all the alopecia patients how my son got rid of alopecia areata completely in a 6-month treatment journey.

What is alopecia areata specifically.

First of all, we should all know that alopecia is an immune disease that is not contagious at all. But it is an imbalance and confusion in the immune system (not a weakened immune system, nor an overabundance of immunity but just confusion of the immune system). This idiopathic imbalance or confusion leads to an unprovoked attack by the body's immune system on the hair follicles where the immune system considers them unwanted or abnormal cells.
Based on this simplified definition of alopecia areata, most of the theories and treatment methods in circulation appeared.

How did the treatment journey of Alopecia begin?

Beginning, since the first spot appeared in my son's head. The treatment started with a topical cortisone cream and solution, in addition to some vitamins for hair growth.
This method worked for some time, but the stains quickly re-emerged.
So we started treatment with cortisone in the form of tablets and then in the form of injections, but the results were very poor. Things have worsened and alopecia areata is increasing and spreading more and more.
At that time, we learned about the damages of cortisone on the kidneys and on the internal organs of the body. The idea of ​​a cortisone treatment was to give a dose that suppresses the immune system so that it stops attacking the hair. But it is a temporary process and exhausts the body, especially children's bodies.
Then, we decided to go to another doctor. He started treatment with anthralin cream in addition to minoxidil. Noticeably, hair has started to regrow, and hair has also started to appear in unwanted areas like the face and neck.
During this time, we have tried many natural recipes for treating alopecia areata. Such as treatment with garlic, black seed oil, watercress oil, aloe vera oil, and ginger. All of them had very weak results.
A family friend advised us to visit a well-known doctor in Cairo, who is known for treating alopecia areata. We were at this point so desperate that we thought it was just another botched cure. But the situation was really different.

What is the successful treatment in our experience of treating alopecia areata.

On the first visit, the doctor explained to us the concept of alopecia areata, and that until now all available treatments depend on the idea of ​​suppressing and calming the immune system. This is a danger to the body.
And he ordered us to stop using any natural prescriptions for treating alopecia areata and also to completely stop cortisone.
And he explained that the method of his treatment adopts another approach, which is to deceive the immune system by making the immune system busy with another battle that we are doing in the affected areas.
And he added, we create a slight inflammation in the affected area with a topical solution called Diphenylcyclopropenone (DPCP), also known as diphencyprone.
Application of diphenylcyclopropenone to the skin results in allergic contact dermatitis. In alopecia areata, it is believed to work by redirecting the autoimmune attacks on the hair follicles, allowing for re-growth

We started the new treatment journey, the first stage was to perform a test on a small part of the head and follow up the doctor for 3 days to see the body's reaction to the substance used. Then, after the success of the test, the doctor began applying the substance once a week, and washing it after 48 hours of putting it on, then using moisturizing creams from Panthenol for the remaining days of the week with some anti-allergy tablets.
After one month, the hair started to grow again. After three months, we reached 80% of hair restoration.
The doctor was using different concentrations of the solution used to treat alopecia areata. Depending on hair response to treatment.
After 6 months, all of the hair is back to normal. We asked the doctor, is it time to stop treatment? We were instructed to continue for a few more months, then gradually reduce the doses, increasing the period from time to time, and following up on the results.
Indeed, the treatment was continued for another 6 months to maintain the gradual results. Then, due to the Corona virus crisis, we completely stopped treatment, thank God ... we have finished alopecia areata completely .. the hair did not fall out upon stopping.

Note :

  1. All treatments must be under medical supervision
  2. 2- During the Corona crisis, we completely stopped eating ready-made fast food and also stopped eating preserved foodstuffs that contain industrial colors and industrial preservatives ... Is this considered one of the reasons for the disappearance of alopecia areata? We leave the answer to the doctors and researchers, perhaps they will find a clear cause of confusion in the immune system.

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