A scrap car attracts attention at the Riyadh season and is sold for 13 million pounds

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A rusty and worn out car attracted the attention of dozens of automotive exhibition pioneers in the Riyadh season, which falls on the curtain, today, Tuesday, after being sold at an auction of approximately three million Saudi riyals (12 million and 870 thousand Egyptian pounds).

The car, according to what was confirmed by the Al-Arabiya channel site, belongs to a Saudi citizen who did not know its importance, so he decided to get rid of it after he got a fire and made it a piece of iron, and it was left for several years in stores for "scrap" cars.

Years later, the rare Maserati 5000 GT , more than 58 years old, returned to Saudi Arabia after being in the United States for years, through the gate of the Riyadh Car Show to receive great importance despite its deplorable condition.


It is scheduled to return the car to the company's factories in Italy to restore and restore it to its first state, especially since this model only produced 34 copies of it around the world, which reflects the extent of its importance.

The Italian company designed this car, which is number 9 among the 34 cars, for one of its major customers as an upgraded version of the Maserati 3500 GT, and it is powered by the Maserati 450S racing car.

According to reports, the production of this car in its various copies was supervised by the famous Italian auto engineer Giulio Alfieri, who built a new car bearing his name in memory of him.

It is noteworthy that the auto exhibition that was held on the sidelines of the Riyadh 2019 season , besides Maserati, contained more than 1,200 modified, classic and sports cars, in addition to rare cars entering Saudi Arabia for the first time.

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