Strange Phenomena That Happen To Humans While Sleeping

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Sleep is the time to enjoy some calm and rest, and give your body and mind enough time to regain energy after a hard day's work. But during sleeping, we encounter some strange phenomena that may seem terrifying, such as that you wake up suddenly paralyzed, or as if you fell from a high altitude, and other strange things that you must have experienced one day!

Although some of these phenomena seem confusing and scary, rest assured, each of them has a logical explanation and is not cause for panic. In this article, we review some of the strangest phenomena that a person experiences when sleeping, and their interpretation.


The strangest phenomena that a person experiences when sleeping!


The phenomenon of falling 

The phenomenon of falling during sleep

A strange phenomenon we feel when entering the stage of deep sleep after a hard day's work. This phenomenon begins with your feeling of overjoyed happiness while you sleep, and then your body tapers as if it fell from a great height to the ground. This phenomenon occurs as the bodily organs begin to rest, so that the heartbeat gradually slows down as the mind loses control of the body. This phenomenon helps save you from death by alerting your devices that are about to stop working due to physical exhaustion.


 Hallucinations While Sleeping

Deep sleep hallucinations

Another strange phenomenon is that you hear strange sounds when the parts of your body are preparing to engage in sleep, meaning that you are still in the early stages of your sleep, which is the stage of sleepiness.

This phenomenon occurs due to the perceptual disturbances of the senses before your sleep or before you wake up, and it appears to the sleeper during it as if he sees visual imaginations or hears sounds and whispers around him that may be annoying or terrifying!

Soon the body returns to a state of consciousness and calm. These sounds may be whispers of a group of people or a specific person, and it may be created by the sleeper as loud cries at times.


Muscle spasms of the body

Muscle spasms of the body

Some of us develop an annoying and painful muscle spasms when sleeping, feeling that all of our muscles have been affected by a sudden, involuntary contraction movement. Some commentators said that the reason for this phenomenon is sleep irregularity and heavy physical exertion during the day.


Eyes twitching While Sleeping

Eyes twitching

This phenomenon occurs to the sleeper during the dreaming stage, where the eye moves in a strange and rotating way from side to side quickly and regularly.


Lose weight

Lose weight

Another phenomenon that some find good, is that some people can lose weight during their sleep due to heavy sweating and breathing during the night, without compensating for the lack of calories by eating as is the case during the day.

Increase body length

Increase body length

Have you ever thought about why some look longer when lying down? This is completely normal and it is a general phenomenon for everyone, as everyone appears taller when they sleep and lie down.

The reason for this is that the vertebrae in the spine that act as cushions between the bones have become stretched, and thus the spine has become longer.


Talking while you sleep

Talking while you sleep

Another common sleep event that recurs in two out of three adults is speaking either randomly or having a full natural conversation during sleep, which is completely normal. Research indicates that the sleeper's speech does not reflect his true memories or emotions, so do not panic!


Eating asleep

Eating asleep

Some people when they fall asleep move to the fridge and eat food while they are asleep! The reason for this disorder is that the brain is stuck in two different stages, namely, deep sleep and waking up at the same time. In this situation, people can do all sorts of unusual things without realizing that they did!


The ability to control dreams

Some people have the ability to recognize that they are dreaming and can actually control parts of their dream. These dreams are known as “Lucid Dreaming,” and they are a natural occurrence and you should not be anxious.

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