Emmy Awards Nominations: Watchman at the forefront and Netflix break records

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"Watchman", which is shown on the "HBO" station, leads the race to the 2020 Emmy Awards, with 26 nominations, while Netflix got a record number of nominations.

This short series was followed by the comedy series "The Marvelous Miss Meisel" with twenty nominations, "Ozark" and the black comedy "Success" with 18 nominations each.

In the seventy-second session of these prestigious TV prizes, Netflix streaming platform clearly outperformed its competition, HBO, with 160 nominations, compared to 107 nominations, a new record.

Emmy Awards will be distributed in Los Angeles on September 20.

The Covid-19 pandemic froze the filming of television and caused chaos in the production of the series, to prevent some of them from participating in the competition for prizes, which are participated in by the members of the "Emmy" Academy, who number about 24 thousand.