Comedian Julien Lacroix Faces with allegations of a sexual nature

Julien Lacroix

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Comedian Julien Lacroix is ​​putting his career on hold after being hit hard, like several other artists, by the wave of allegations of misconduct and sexual assault that has been sweeping since the beginning of the month.

The 27-year-old comedian's career has suffered a similar tumble to that of other artists whose allegations of assault and misconduct have been posted on social media.

An investigation by the daily Le Devoir lifted the veil on Monday on allegations of inappropriate acts such as unwanted relationships and non-consensual kisses by the comedian towards nine women. Among them is his ex-girlfriend Geneviève Morin, as well as the comedian Rosalie Vaillancourt.  

Monday morning, the artistic agency Groupe Phaneuf, which had represented him since 2017, broke its ties with the comedian. 

Several broadcasters quickly deleted from their platforms many shows and web series in which he appeared.

The first season of the educational webseries On parle de sexe, in which Julien Lacroix addressed various themes related to sexuality with Rosalie Vaillancourt, was deleted from the Télé-Québec and YouTube website, among other things because of “the young audience to which s. 'address these capsules,' underlined public relations officer Danielle Brassard.  

No complete purge

Radio-Canada has also cleaned up the content of ICI, removing episodes from 1res fois, In audition with Simon and Le sens du punch. But there is no question for the broadcasters to do a complete purge as was the case for Maripier Morin. 

The withdrawal of the series La faille du Club illico had aroused discontent last week at the Association of Directors and Directors of Quebec and the Society of Radio, Television and Cinema Authors (SARTEC), who jointly denounced that a entire team is penalized.  

The appeal was heard. Radio-Canada therefore left the Projet 2000 and Les Prodiges webseries on its platform, "so as not to penalize all the artists and craftspeople who are part of it", explained Radio-Canada's communications director, Marc Pichette.  

Same story with Bell Media, which suspends on its various platforms (Crave and VRAK, among others) only "the broadcasting of interviews and individual performances of Julien Lacroix", we were let know by email.

Disappeared from social networks

At the end of the day, Monday, Julien Lacroix deleted his Facebook account, the content of his Instagram account, and his YouTube channel.

Desjardins, who was collaborating with the comedian for a marketing campaign, removed all the videos in which he appeared from his website.

At the time of going to press, the tour of Julien Lacroix's first solo show, entitled Tout va bien, was still playing in several venues across Quebec.  

- With the collaboration of Marc-André Lemieux

Sorry, he does not recognize the alleged actions

Julien Lacroix reacted on Monday on his Facebook page to the allegations against him on Monday before deleting his account. Without acknowledging the actions for which he is accused, the comedian announced a break in his career and said he was "sorry" if he had already hurt someone. 

If he claimed not to be "an angel, but not a demon either", Julien Lacroix did not recognize the acts of sexual misconduct alleged in Le Devoir, saying that he was not a "sexual predator".

“I'm starting to get used to gossip and gossip in my short career. On the other hand, destroying a lifetime's work? In a single article? Where I couldn't even give my side of the story? He wrote on Monday morning. 

Then, Julien Lacroix maintained that he had "no choice but to take a step back from all the projects with which I am [he is] associated, as well as from my [his] management and production team. , then think about the remedies available to me [him] in this context ”.

A father reacts

The post, which has now disappeared from Facebook, generated more than 5,700 comments, mostly unfavorable to the artist's approach. 

Among these, Jean Morin, the father of Julien Lacroix's ex-wife, Geneviève Morin, an alleged victim, wrote a note to him. 

“Being myself the father of one of your victims and knowing you well enough to have welcomed you into our family over the years spent with my daughter, I wish you could go and seek help and that you give up the alcohol with which you obviously have a problem, he wrote. And for all your fans who believe you were unfairly accused in the wake of “me too”, well it's because they don't have a daughter, or don't have one like mine, who loved you for unconditionally. "

Sisters speak out

A shower of comments flooded social networks. 

“The environment is so 'fucked' that Julien's response will surely win the Olivier's issue of the year,” Virginie Fortin wrote on Instagram. 

“Soon the journalists will ask us: is it difficult to be a funny guy? Karma, ”commented Mariana Mazza, also on Instagram. 

“Saying vagina shouldn't make more waves than abusing one,” she added.


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