Catherine Zeta-Jones shared a photo with her mother taken in 1974

Catherine Zeta-Jones

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The pretty actress Catherine Zeta-Jones, shared an old gorgeous throwback photo of her with her mother taken in 1974 in Spain.

The 51 years old Welsh actress Catherine Zeta-Jones surprised her followers with an old photo of her with her mother taken in Spain in 1974.

She add :

 My Mam and I on my birthday in 1974. Spain.

Catherine Zeta-Jones

About 4k followers interacted with her photo with nice comments about her and her mother.

Happy Birthday to you. Did you already know you were going to be a great actress? You make every man's heart beat, he smiles when he looks at you and you make his day happy. Be very happy and live long!

Egressy Zsuzsanna Kovács commented 

Lovely photo Catherine, I can see where you got your stunning looks from, happy birthday, have a great birthday with Michael and get darling buds of may brought back I miss you and pop larkin, perfick!!

Sean Appleton said.

Catherine Zeta-Jones shared also few days ago a recent photo for her, The picture was shocking to the fans because it reminded everyone of the passage of life, but despite this, most of the followers commented on it saying, "Catherine Zeta-Jones is still a symbol of beauty."

Catherine Zeta-Jones

Catherine Zeta-Jones is trying to find a new project and she asked fans about what would they like to see in her next project?

Thinking about my next Casa Zeta-Jones project...?? What would you all like to see next?

Catherine Zeta-Jones said.

Catherine Zeta-Jones

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