Watch .. BTS Dynamite hits 41 million views on YouTube in two days

BTS Dynamite

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It seems that fans of the famous Korean group BTS are eager to hear their first English song,  Dynamite,  which the media has been talking about heavily during the past period, which was a key factor in igniting the enthusiasm of the fans and lovers of the famous singing team.

After the famous team launched the official " Dynamite ", which lasted 28 seconds, on the famous video site "YouTube", the viewership rate was a clear indication that millions were waiting for it, as it reached 41 million views in just two days.

It is noteworthy that the Korean team,    BTS, is currently striving to intensify its activities significantly during this period, as BTS has an amazing schedule that shows the events that the fans of this team will be keen to follow, whether from launching artworks, or being in concerts or programs, and the team makes a great effort in developing an important plan To promote their new single "Dynamite" , which is scheduled to be released on August 21 and is in English, and it is a song from their next album, whose name the team has not announced yet or its release date, and the song's clip will be launched on the same day.

Hours after the release of " Dynamite ", the team members will appear in a live broadcast on " VLIVE ", a live video service in South Korea that allows celebrities in the country to broadcast live videos on the Internet, and to promote " Dynamite ". BTS will be a guest on the " Today Show " on August 24th, and fans and fans of BTS are also waiting for their participation in the " MTV Video Music Awards " for the year 2020, which is one of the most important and most famous events of the moment, and it is scheduled to be held on Next August 30. 


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